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Coastal Transitions was a lifesaver when my dear friend was going to be displaced from her retirement home as it was closing. Jen and Jenna were attentive and responsive during this very stressful time. They coordinated visits, provided needed information in a professional manner and constantly provided needed reassurance. They were there in the lead every step of the way and even after my friend was settled into her new home they continued to check in with her. We could never thank them enough for the outstanding and supportive service.

—Jill S, Portland, ME

We had a great experience dealing with you and the information you had on respite care.  We are so blessed that there are people like you that care about others the way you do. My mom is doing great at Atria.  She loves it there and is regaining her strength and her self -confidence. Very grateful for you two and have a great summer.  

—Maribeth, Waterboro

The experience I had working with Jen and Jenna was excellent. The help I received from them was helpful, professional and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Coastal Transitions of Maine to anyone who is in need of finding assisted living.

—Sue B, Scarborough, ME

We learned suddenly that our family member was no longer safe living at home alone. We had a very short period of time to find an assisted living facility. The staff at Coastal Transitions of Maine helped us enormously. Jenna and Jennifer visited Mom and got to know her and suggested living options that would be a good fit for her. With their guidance we were able to secure a wonderful placement for her. We strongly recommend Coastal Transitions of Maine to other families and seniors in a similar situation.

—Michael and Elizabeth M, Shapleigh, ME

It was so nice meeting you and Jenna, I can truly say it's been the very first moment that ANYBODY has actually been helpful since this entire process started back in October, so it was such a relief. We all can't thank you two enough.

Corey D, Lewiston, ME

Hi Ladies,

I wanted to thank you for everything you have done to help with finding a new place for our loved one. Your hard work, dedication and commitment to helping others find the perfect home during the transition from independent living to assisted living did not go unnoticed. We are extremely fortunate to have been given your information. As you know how busy we are, your services could have not come at a better time. Huntington Commons is the perfect location. We will definitely forward your information to anyone else looking. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

—Calley W, Westbrook, ME

I am happy to recommend Jen and Jenna, owners of Coastal Transitions of Maine, to any family, facility, or senior in need of support or guidance around any aspect of transition.

After over 100 years of service, our small retirement community recently closed, and we had 5 residents that needed to relocate. As anyone could imagine, it was a challenging situation for our seniors and their families. When deciding to bring in a professional transition company, Coastal Transitions of Maine was my first thought. The women who own Coastal Transitions worked with us previously and had proven themselves to be knowledgeable about the senior community in our area, as well as professional, caring and thoughtful.

Jen and Jenna worked patiently and knowledgeably with each resident to assess needs, explore possibilities, tour area facilities and review options. The women put our residents first and took a holistic approach to transition. They explored possible benefit eligibility, coordinated with outside services such as VA volunteers, worked with family members, and handled details down to the packing and moving when needed.

One of the final services that Coastal Transitions of Maine provided was to follow up with our seniors and stop in for visits at their new placements. I have worked with several other transition services in my role as an administrator, and I must say that Jen and Jenna go far above and beyond what most have to offer. I am so grateful that we had the reassuring support and knowledgeable assistance of Coastal Transitions of Maine, and I highly recommend them to any family, facility or senior in need of transition services.

—April C, Board Member, Cape Elizabeth Home Charitable Foundation

I recently had to move from the Cape Elizabeth Retirement Home and transition to another community. Coastal Transitions of Maine stepped in and helped and I did not realize what a great benefit this was. Jen and Jenna have been so thoughtful and generous with their time. The transition was completely seamless and hopefully I will not need their services they provide, but if I do, I would definitely use them again.

—Phyllis B, South Portland, ME

We would like to send a heartfelt thank you for the help and support you provided to us in our difficult search for an Assisted Living. Your dedication and commitment to us during this transition was truly amazing.

—Rebecca B, Scarborough, ME

The team at Coastal Transitions have been amazing! I really don't know what we would have done without your help. You have been so helpful, thoughtful, and patient, every step of the way. I have already recommended you once and will continue to do so. You have removed a world of worry from our family, at a very worrying time.

—Matthew B, No. Yarmouth, ME

“As someone who rarely gives his opinions about people and companies, I must tell everyone about the amazing experience working with Coastal Transitions Of Maine. My mom is 90 years old. She has many things wrong with her and can barely walk. So after a stay in the hospital and then a rehab, we were at a loss at what to do. Then, came word about Coastal Transitions from a smart Case Manager. I spoke with Jen at Coastal who immediately understood our problems. She took all of our info and went to work. Within 1 day, she had two places my mother could go. Not just the names of places, but also the Admission Directors to each place. She was amazing! So we kept in touch daily as Jen guided us every step of the way. THANKS COASTAL TRANSITIONS!”

—Doug A, Wells, ME

“A sincere thank you to Jennifer and the team at Coastal Transitions for their knowledge, understanding and support during a very confusing, scary and emotional time for our family. My husband, who has Muscular Dystrophy, was scheduled to be in a rehab facility for 30 days due to a broken bone in his foot. However, 10 days later I received a call on a Monday that he was to be released on Thursday as rehab was not helping. He is in a wheelchair and could not put any wait on his foot. I cannot lift him any longer to get him into the car, into/out of bed or the bathroom. Thanks to the resources and caring of Coastal Transitions, Jennifer was able to offer solutions, with options, that met my husband’s requirements and our timeline as well as providing the support to our family. Thank you from a very grateful family.”

—Jolene, W, Standish, ME